Digital Teaching Course Review

The UMES Course Review process is an in-depth analysis of a pre-built course. It is meant to be collegial and developmental in the sense that it provides suggestions for improving course design–especially with regard to digital, hybrid, and online elements. We believe that no course is perfect but that all courses can be improved, especially through collaboration.

Through the Course Review process, instructors work with instructional design professionals to review their course in light of the UMES Quality Online Instruction (QOI-UMES) rubric. QOI-UMES provides a tool not for assessing courses but for providing feedback to help instructors revise and remodel their courses. Instructors should expect the review process to take 2 to 4 weeks, depending on instructor and designer availability.

As part of the UMES Online and Digital Strategic Initiative, a unique badging system has been implemented within the UMES Course Catalog to highlight reviewed courses. Once your course has been reviewed, students will see the indication when they proceed to register for classes.

Course Review Process

  1. Instructors who are interested in having their course reviewed will complete the Course Review Request Form. (submission of course ID for review)
  2. The Instructor requesting the course review will be asked to complete the Instructor Quality Standards Self-Assessment Rubric.
  3. The completed course QOI report will be emailed to the Instructor for review.
  4. A “post-review” meeting will be scheduled with the Instructor, and the Designer to review the QOI report results. Post-review meetings may last anywhere from 25 – 60 minutes depending on the details of the course review.
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