Department Chair Resources

New Instructors – From Hire to Canvas

Adding Instructor to Classes:

*Once the contract has been processed in PHR (Payroll/Human Resources)

  1. Department Chairperson or Administrative Assistant enters the faculty on the instructor/advisor table in HAWKWeb. 
  2. Department Chairperson sends Administrative Computing requests for faculty role access in HAWKWeb.  
  3. Department Chairperson or Administrative Assistant links faculty to classes in HAWKWeb during the allotted department scheduling period
  4. After the scheduling period ends, the department Chairperson and/or Administrative Assistant should send requests to link faculty to  
  5. (If sent by the Administrative Assistant the Chairperson must be Cc’d in the email)

*HAWKWeb automatically updates Canvas.

Students & Incomplete Course Grades

When a student receives an Incomplete Grade in a course and a Contract is completed for the student to finish the coursework – the Instructor will need to complete a Help Desk Ticket and include the following information:

  • Course ID and Term
  • Student Name
  • The date the course should be completed.

CITOL will then create a new section of the existing course which will have an “i” after the course ID. Both the student and the instructor will use the original course.

Adding TA’s to Courses in Canvas

Teaching Assistants need to be added through the Registrar’s office due to FERPA issues.

Please email the Registrar to request TA’s be added to your courses.

Importance of the Help Desk

Please be sure to complete a Help Desk ticket for all issues within LMS Canvas. Include as much detail about the situation or question.

The Help Desk should be utilized rather than email. Emails always slip through the cracks and there are 3 people watching the Help Desk at any given time.

Often, we need to bring in other departments in to investigate the issue. The Help Desk allows a central tracking of all LMS Canvas requests.

Requests for Chair to be added

To have a “Chair” added to courses – please complete a Help Desk ticket and include all courses for the Chair to be enrolled in.

Outcomes in Canvas for Assessment

What are Outcomes in Canvas? Outcomes allow the administration and faculty to track mastery in a course. Users can import Account, State, and Common Core Standards into an account and course. Assessments created to test student knowledge or to require students to demonstrate a specific skill resulting from a learning activity can be aligned to learning outcomes using rubrics (which can be used for grading simultaneously). This is extremely helpful for accreditation purposes and program assessments.

Canvas Outcomes Planning Worksheet

New Faculty Canvas Access

Chairs can request newly hired faculty gain up to 60 days early (from the contract start date) Canvas access. Please complete this Canvas Early Access Request form.

YuJa Enterprise Recording

YuJa Enterprise recording has been connected in Canvas. Faculty, Students, and Staff can use this platform to record and edit videos in Canvas.

If you have a staff member who would like to use YuJa to record and edit videos, they can request a Canvas Sandbox by completing this form.

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