Mission and Goals


The Organizational Leadership Doctoral Program prepares students to engage in leadership activities in educational, nonprofit, and business settings. Our students will explore, expand their knowledge of, and critically evaluate organizational and leadership theories as they develop expertise in research design and academic scholarship. We will equip students with the skills to effectively address organizational policies and practices by actively modeling leadership in their chosen organizational environments. As a result, students will promote ethical and socially responsible behavior as they make meaningful contributions in their communities.


GOAL 1: Students will write academic texts proficiently utilizing standard written English and APA formatting.

GOAL 2: Students will critically evaluate leading organizational and leadership theories.

GOAL 3: Students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to design and critically evaluate qualitative and quantitative research.

GOAL 4: Students will apply and implement either qualitative or quantitative research.

GOAL 5: Students will be proficient in the development of, implementation of and/or response to organizational policies and practices.

GOAL 6: Students will apply theories and practices of ethical and socially responsible behavior.

GOAL 7: Students will recognize the extent of socio-cultural and economic diversity, both locally and globally and develop skills necessary to work within diverse environments.

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