Organizational Leadership Doctoral Program

Leadership Education that Transforms

Renowned for its academic excellence and rigor, University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s Organizational Leadership Doctoral Program strengthens and develops students’ ability to engage in leadership activities in a variety of settings.  The program is grounded in organizational and leadership theories with an emphasis on practical applications and research.  Professors, graduates, and students of the program are leading contributors to research in the field of Organizational Leadership.  This program enables students to become experts in a rapidly developing field with global applications, as researchers, scholars, and practitioners.  

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UPCOMING VIRTUAL EVENT: Prospective Ph.D. Student Information Session

Learn more about the Organizational Leadership (ORLD) Ph.D. program at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and application requirements by attending our virtual information session on Tuesday, January 23, 2024 from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST.

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Program Overview

Since its inception in 2002, over 130 students have matriculated with their Ph.D. degree.  Students come from a variety of backgrounds, including academia, small and large corporations, government, education, and the non-profit sector.  The program is intended for individuals in mid to advanced career stages who hold a master’s degree.  The program utilizes a cohort model, where students engage in classes with a small, close knit group of peers.  Classes are offered in a weekend format, which enables busy professionals the opportunity to achieve a doctoral degree.  Graduates of the program see success in roles in academia, executive consultancy, leadership and organizational development, and research.  Most importantly, graduates of the program are equipped to engage in interesting, innovative, and cutting-edge research in the field as well as achieve exceptional career advancement.  

Program Benefits

  • Opportunity to work with leading academic scholars in the field of Organizational Leadership
  • Professors, who act as mentors, with extensive experience in leadership, business, research, and academic scholarship
  • Weekend format designed for busy professionals
  • Small class, cohort model provides synergistic peer relationships and the opportunity to build lifelong professional and personal connections
  • Program designed around academic rigor in organizational and leadership theories with a focus on their practical applications
  • Numerous opportunities to present nationally and internationally at International Leadership Association Conferences and in other leadership forums   
  • Options to publish academic research with professors, peers, and individually 
  • Alumni connections through the program’s ever growing number of graduates

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