Grading Policy

The grading policy for the ORLD program is simple and straightforward. Students must receive a grade of either “B” or “A” in each program course with a letter grading system (A, B, C & F) and a grade of “S” in comprehensive examination, internship and research credit courses with a “S/F” grading system.

If students believe any grade received in a course is either in error or was the result of “arbitrary and capricious grading,” they should immediately discuss the issue with the faculty member. If this does not result in a satisfactory outcome, they should utilize the formal appeal procedures afforded to them in the UMES Procedures for Review of Alleged Arbitrary and Capricious Grading.

Retention Policy

  1. A student who receives a grade of “C” in any course must repeat that course.
  2. After receiving two final “C” grades (whether receiving two consecutive “C” grades in the process of repeating one course or whether, throughout the duration of the program, receiving two final “C” grades in any two different courses), the student will be dismissed from the program.
  3. A student who receives a final course grade of “F” at any time will be immediately dismissed from the program.
  4. A grade of “I” (Incomplete) is given in any course only to students who are passing the course at the time of a legitimate emergency. If the “I” grade has not been completed satisfactorily within six (6) months from the conclusion of the 5-week course in which the instructor granted the “I,” the student’s registration for the next sequence of courses is subject to hold. All “I” grades must be completed for the student to sit for the comprehensive examination.
  5. Academic dishonesty (e.g., plagiarism, improper citation, fabrication, and/or manipulation of facts and data, cheating, and so on) will not be tolerated in the ORLD program and will be subject to sanctions and penalties prescribed in the campus’ academic honesty policy procedures available in the current edition of the UMES Academic Catalog (see pages 61-65). These sanctions range from failure on an assignment to dismissal from the ORLD program.
  6. Students enrolled in internship, comprehensive examination and research credit courses with an “S/F” grading system—898 internship credit, 700 comprehensive examination credit, and 899 dissertation credit—must earn a grade of “S” to continue with the progress to degree. A failing grade in any of these credit courses at any time is subject to review by the program to determine whether the student should be continued in the program or dismissed.
  7. Students must advance to candidacy within a five-year time period that begins with their admission into the program. This means that students must complete all coursework, including Internship; successfully pass all portions of the Comprehensive Examination; must successfully defend their Dissertation proposal; and complete all appropriate paperwork for Admission to Candidacy within the five-year period or they will be dismissed from the program.
  8. Students must complete all program requirements within a nine-year time period that begins with their admission into the program. This includes all elements of the Admission to Candidacy described above, as well as successful defense and completion of all dissertation requirements, and submission of all appropriate paperwork for graduation from the university within the nine-year period or they will be dismissed from the program.
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