Curriculum Guide for Sport Management

Freshman Year   
 Fall Credits Spring Credits
EXSC 100 Freshman Experience1EXSC 205 Introduction to Sport Management3
EXSC 111 Personal Health and Fitness3BIOL 112 Principles of Biology II3
BIOL 111 Principles of Biology I3BIOL 114 Principles of Biology II Lab1
BIOL 113 Principles of Biology I Lab1ENGL 102 Basic Composition II, ENGL 001 EPE3
ENGL 101 Basic Composition I3MATH 109 College Algebra3
GEN ED (Arts & Humanities)3Free Elective3
GEN ED (Social & Behavioral Sciences)3  
Total Freshman- 3317 16
Sophomore Year 
 Fall Credits Spring Credits
EXSC 207 Facility Management3EXSC 285 Leadership in Sport3
Free Elective3EXSC 350 Sport Governance3
ENGL 203 Fundamentals of Contemporary Speech3ACCT 200 College Accounting3
DMST 200 Media in Today’s Society3BUAD 200 Business Ethics3
GEN ED (Social & Behavioral Sciences)3DMST 210 Writing for Public Communication3
Total Sophomore- 3015 15
Junior Year 
 Fall Credits Spring Credits
EXSC 375 Sport Marketing3EXSC 390 Interschol & Intercolleg Athlet Admin3
EXSC 393 Sport Business3EXSC 391 Interschol & Intercolle Athlet Admin Prac3
GEN ED Signature Diversity course (EXSC 382)3EXSC Elective3
SOCI 201 Social Problems3EXSC Elective3
DMST 220 Introduction to Computer Graphics3MATH 210 Elementary Statistics3
Total Junior- 3015 15
Senior Year 
 Fall Credits Spring Credits
EXSC 450 Sport Finance and Economics3EXSC Elective3
EXSC Elective3EXSC 490 Internship in Kinesiology6
EXSC Elective3ENGL 305 Technical Writing3
Free Elective3  
BUAD 302 Management and Organizational Behavior3  
Total Senior – 2715 12
Exercise Science Sport Management Total – 120   
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