Clinical Track

Exercise Science Clinical Track

Recommended Course Sequence

Prepares graduates seeking careers in medically related professions such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, cardiac rehabilitation, sports medicine and physician assistant.

Freshman Year 
 Fall Credits Spring Credits
EXSC 100 Freshman Experience1EXSC 200 Intro to Exercise Science3
EXSC 111 Personal Health and Fitness  3BIOL 112 Principles of Biology II3
BIOL 111 Principles of Biology I3BIOL 114 Principles of Biology II Lab1
BIOL 113 Principles of Biology I Lab1ENGL 102 Basic Composition II3
ENGL 101 Basic Composition I3MATH 110 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry3
GEN ED AREA I(Arts & Humanities)3GEN ED AREA II (Social & Behavioral Sciences)3
GEN ED AREAII (Social & Behavioral Sciences)3  
Total Freshman- 3317 16
Sophomore Year   
 Fall Credits Spring Credits
EXSC 202 Personal and Community Health3EXSC 302 Sport Medicine and First Aid3
EXSC 252 Sport Psychology3EXSC 332 Exercise Physiology4
BIOL 231 Human Anatomy and Phys I3BIOL 232 Human Anatomy and Phys II 3
BIOL 233 Human Anatomy and Phys I Lab1BIOL 234 Human Anatomy and Phys II Lab1
ENGL 203 Fundamentals of Contemporary Speech3MATH 210 Elementary Statistics3
Free Elective3Free Elective3
Total Sophomore – 33 16 17
Junior Year   
 Fall Credits Spring Credits
EXSC 355 Exercise Testing and Prescription3EXSC 411 Applied Kinesiology4
CHEM 111 Principles of Chemistry I3CHEM 112 Principles of Chemistry II3
CHEM 113 Principles of Chemistry I Lab1CHEM 114 Principles of Chemistry II Lab1
PHYS 121 General College Physics I3PHYS 122 General College Physics II3
PHYS 123 General College Physics I Lab1PHYS 124 General College Physics II Lab1
PSYC 205 Human Growth and Development3GEN ED AREA 6 (EXSC 265 OR EXSC 382)3
Total Junior- 2914 15
Senior Year   
 Fall Credits Spring Credits
EXSC 445 Health Aspects of Aging3EXSC 490 Internship in Kinesiology 6
EXSC 464 Adult Health Fitness Programming Online 3EXSC 360 Exercise and Sport Nutrition online 3
EXSC 475 Advanced Strength and Conditioning3ENGL 305 Technical Writing3
Free Elective4  
Total Senior – 2513 12
Exercise Science Clinical Track Total – 120


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