Kinesiology Club

Kinesiology Club
The Kinesiology Club is a professional organization for students majoring in Exercise Science and Sport Management passionate about the multifaceted world of movement and sports. The Kinesiology Club offers members a chance to develop their professional network while building camaraderie among members of their community. In addition to professional meetings, the organization activities include community outreach initiatives, peer mentoring sessions, social events, and the Hawk Walk Annual Event.

To serve our community and professional organization through community engagement, professional development, and the educational enhancement for our members.


  • Career Education: Benefit from insight from mentors and leaders in the field from Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Specialist, Athletic Trainer, Health Educator, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Athletic Director, Coach, Sports Media and Marketing, and more!
  • Leadership Development: If you are inspired to utilize your gifts and/or enhance your talents, the Kinesiology Club has many positions for you to take a leadership role such as President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Publicity Secretary and Treasurer. Serve and grow into the leaders of the future.
  • • Hands on Experience: Looking for a job? Getting involved in the Kinesiology Club can give you a competitive edge in the job market. The Kinesiology Club plans workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects for members to gain practical insights in the field.
  • • Networking: This is a chance to connect with professors, administrators, and colleagues outside of the classrooms. Getting to know these individuals are essential to your growth as a professional and can shape your future in the field. It also can strengthen your letters of recommendation and job prospects. Each semester the Kinesiology Club hosts game nights and social mixers within the department. Mingle with alumni, potential employers, and peers to foster connections within the Kinesiology community.
  • • Professional Development Opportunities: Attend professional conferences in exercise science and sport management organizations to network with fellow peers and leaders in the field. Learn up-to-date information in the kinesiology world by attending conferences. This will shape and enhance your resume.

Students interested in joining the Kinesiology Club must be an Exercise Science or Sport Management Major.

Membership is open to any registered student attending UMES in the Exercise Science or Sport Management major. To become a member, individual must make their intentions known to the membership at the first business session. New members are voted into membership by a majority vote of the Association.

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