Termination of Admission

A student’s admission terminates : a) when time limits for the completion of degree or non-degree status expire, b) if the student is no longer in good academic standing with an academic dismissal, c) if there is a voluntary withdrawal from a graduate program, d) if there is the failure to meet Provisional Admission conditions, or e) with the intent to defraud, among other actions. To be in good academic standing, degree seeking students must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (“B”) or better in all graduate courses taken for credit toward a degree program at UMES, and must otherwise satisfy all additional requirements of the Graduate School and the specific graduate program. This makes them eligible to re-enroll each semester/session without restriction.

For most programs, graduate students who receive academic probation notices from the Graduate School must comply with the following requirement in order to retain their admission status at UMES. They have two consecutive semesters in which to bring their cumulative grade point average back to 3.0 (“B”) after it falls below that level. Summer is an academic semester for programs with a required nine or more credit hour curriculum over the Summer period. Some graduate programs may stipulate additional or more stringent academic probation and dismissal criteria (see also section on ‘Grades for Graduate Students’).

Academic suspension temporarily interrupts a student’s continued enrollment for a specific time period, but allows the student to return to his admitted status. Academic dismissal is a termination of admission. It may be a permanent separation, or if a graduate program allows, a separation for a time period, removed only by review by the program and acceptance of the case for reinstatement. Reinstatement involves special conditions to be met by the returning student.

The admission of all students, both degree and non-degree, is continued at the discretion, as applicable, of the academic advisor or committee, the department chair, the program coordinator and the Graduate School.

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