Applicant Rejection

Applicants who are not granted an admission to a graduate program are notified in writing by the program or the Graduate School. The Graduate School informs non-degree applicants who are not granted admission.

Unsuccessful applicants sometimes apply to another graduate program or for graduate non-degree admission, or request the original program to reactivate their application for the following year or reapply to the original program after meeting any cited conditions in the rejection letter. All reapplications are treated as new applications and will incur a new application fee. 

Applicants may appeal a rejection to a graduate program by writing the graduate dean and providing new or updated information. The graduate dean will have the appeal reviewed by the program coordinator and the faculty, who will make a recommendation to the graduate dean on whether to reconsider admission with or without any conditions, or let the original rejection stand. The graduate dean makes the final determination. Applicants may appeal a non-degree admission by writing to the graduate dean and providing new or updated information. These applicants will be notified of the outcome of their appeal by the graduate dean.

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