Change of Degree-Level, Program or Status

Students are admitted only to a specified program and within that program only for the specified objective, e.g., Master’s or Doctoral degree. If matriculated students wish to change either the program or their non-program status (for example, from Advanced Special Student to degree status), they must submit a new appropriate application along with the Change of Degree Program form if applicable and provide any other form or information as specified. Admission to the new program and/or status is not granted automatically.

Students must be re-admitted when the original objective has been attained, for example, when a student who is admitted for the Master’s degree completes the requirements for that degree. If the student wishes to continue for the Doctorate, a new application for admission to the Doctoral program must be submitted. However, programs, which offer both the M.S. and the Ph.D. degrees, may consider qualified baccalaureate students for a probationary period before full admission into the Ph.D. degree program. Their requests for admission to the Doctoral program are subject to the same review process applied to others seeking admission to that program.

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