Golden Retirees ID and Veterans

Golden Identification (ID) Program and Veterans’ Benefits

 Special Backgrounds

1.Golden Identification (ID) Program:  The Golden ID Program makes available, without tuition charge, courses at participating University System of Maryland campuses to those 60 years of age or older who are legal residents of the State of Maryland and retired. Maryland resident status will be determined by UMES from data on the residency form. A retired person is defined as one who is not employed for more than 20 hours per week.

Those who are eligible for the Golden ID Program must apply for graduate admission (either as degree or non-degree seeking), check the Golden ID box on the application, pay the application fee, complete the Maryland residency form, and meet all applicable admissions criteria for degree or non-degree seeking status. Once admitted, Golden ID students may register for courses, subject to any prerequisites or restrictions, and are entitled to academic services like other students during the time of actual enrollment. Tuition will be waived for the Golden ID Holder.  See the undergraduate admissions office on applying to the Golden ID program, obtaining the Golden ID card, and for further information on the program.

2. Veterans’ Benefits: UMES is fully accredited for accepting Veteran students and assists them in their need for certification of eligibility. The undergraduate Admissions office coordinates veteran services on campus.

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