Jamaican small ruminant farmers benefited from the CEGFSD
small ruminant specialists’ expertise. Since receiving the grant
in 2021 through the Center, Dr. Arthur Goetsch in collaboration
with his counterparts have positively impacted small ruminant
farmers in Jamaica. Through their project “Fibrous Plant
Resources in Jamaica for Ruminant Livestock Production,” the
CEGFSD scientists have been able to determine areas of Jamaica,
regional climatic, soil, and vegetation conditions, seasons, plant
species and stages of growth to be considered in characterizing
the nutritional value of high-fiber plant resources in Jamaica
available for use in ruminant livestock production systems.
The research team also developed and evaluated plant and
soil sampling protocols and identified most appropriate means
of analyses; and finally created preliminary forage and soil
geodatabases to be refined in activities of a subsequent project.
The following knowledge and skills have been gained through
this project: the establishment of a preliminary forage and
soil geodatabase established; the increased knowledge of the
nutritional value of fibrous plant resources; and the formulation
of least-cost supplements and diets for higher levels and
efficiencies of production by ruminant livestock in Jamaica.

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