International Center for Personal Protective Equipment for Pesticide Operators and Re-entry Workers


ICPPE is a neutral entity established by University of Maryland Eastern Shore to advance research and outreach activities through partnerships with other institutions and organizations. It is envisioned that ICPPE will play an important role in establishing linkages and networks with scientists, policy makers, educators, private industry, and other stakeholders to promote research, outreach, and other PPE related initiatives that impact the health and safety of pesticide operators and re-entry workers. Coordination of the newly formed International Consortium for PPE for Pesticide Operators and Re-entry Workers will be an integral part of the Center.

Global network to address “local” issues

  • The International Consortium consists of researchers and stakeholders with the shared interest of improving PPE available to protect pesticide operators and re-entry workers. Shared information, expertise, and resources enable research activities that support standards development and performance evaluation of new and used garments. ICPPE will be coordinating the research efforts for the consortium.
  • Harmonized performance standards based on research and operator exposure studies classify garments and gloves based on protection. These standards can be used to develop PPE protection factors for risk assessment. They can also be used to effectively communicate garment and glove requirements on pesticide product labels.
  • National and international dialogue among stakeholders is needed to determine how research and standards can support issues at the “local” level. Development of clear and concise pesticide label language to communicate PPE requirements is an example of an issue that requires close communication among stakeholders.
  • Resources for training materials available online are cost-effective and ensure that accurate information based on recent research and information is disseminated. Research and standards updates would be beneficial for trainers as well as governmental agencies and the crop protection industry.
  • Building connections with users and stakeholders is beneficial for researchers, standards development organizations, and policy makers. As a neutral entity ICPPE can connect people and also obtain feedback to share with concerned groups or institutions.

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Significant strides are being made in the field of PPE for pesticide operators through the collaboration of experts around the world. We focus on issues related to PPE for pesticide operators and re-entry workers.

For additional information contact:

Dr. Anugrah Shaw
International Center for PPE
Richard Henson Center, Room 1106
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Princess Anne, MD 21853

Phone: 410-651-6064

Improving the Health and Safety of Pesticide Operators and Re-entry Workers

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