Agricultural Experiment Station

Human Health and Development

Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability

Agriculture and Food

Product Development

International Engagement

Five Strategic Focus Areas for Research and Extension

SANS Centers of Excellence

Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development

Leading the way, addressing emerging issues:

  • Agribusiness Management
  • Agricultural Law Education
  • Food Security
  • Resource Economics and Environmental Policy
  • Community and International Development

Facilitating obesity prevention by:

  • Developing and implementing socio-ecologically-based and holistic obesity prevention programs
  • Developing human capacity for sustained future innovation
  • Implementing innovation knowledge transfer and public outreach
  • Developing strong international engagement initiatives focusing on obesity
  • Ensuring operational effectiveness and growth of the Center

Center for Obesity Prevention

Leading the way, addressing emerging issues:

  • Enhancing food safety
  • Developing healthy foods
  • Supporting the Delmarva Seafood and Poultry Industries
  • Training students and conducting cutting-edge food science research

Finding solutions to water quality issues

  • Developing innovative and economical nutrient management systems
  • Promoting effective technologies and management strategies
  • Developing skilled workers

Global network to address local issues

  • International consortium for research
  • Harmonized performance standards
  • National and international dialogue among stakeholders
  • Resources for training materials
  • Building connections

Nurtures the development and adoption of IPM tactics

  • Addressing pest-related issues using science-based knowledge
  • Establishing and maintaining information networks
  • Assisting growers in making informed decisions
  • Conserving environmental quality and natural resources
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