Chesapeake Water Quality Center

About the Center


To develop and transfer economically sustainable agricultural strategies and technologies that enhance water quality in the Chesapeake Bay and train the workforce of tomorrow for continued future innovations.


The Center will develop a highly-skilled, diverse scientific workforce that develops and supports economically and environmentally sustainable agricultural systems that enhance and promote water quality in the Chesapeake Bay and other Coastal Bays.

Center Objectives

To generate and apply knowledge in the development of innovative and economical nutrient management systems for agriculture that enhance water quality in the Chesapeake Bay and other Coastal Bays.

To promote adoption of effective technologies and management strategies through public outreach and stakeholder engagement.

To develop a skilled, diversified workforce for continued future innovations through undergraduate and graduate training.

Collaborating Team:

Arthur L. Allen, PhD; UMES Specialization: Soil and Water Chemistry

Fawzy Hashem, PhD; UMES Specialization: Soil Microbiology

Eric May, Ph.D.; UMES Specialization: Ecology

Salina Parveen, Ph.D.; UMES Specialization: Food Microbiology

Meng Xia, Ph.D.; UMES Specialization: Modeling

Tracie Bishop, ABD; UMES Specialization: Geospatial Info Technology

Joseph S. Pitula, Ph.D.; UMES Specialization: Microbiology

Chen Nianhong, Ph.D.; UMES Specialization: Chemistry

Janice Donohoe, B.S.; UMES Data Management

Peter Sang, B.S.; UMES Laboratory Technician

Don Mahan, B.S.; UMES Field Technician

Anthony Buda, Ph.D.; USDA/ARS Specialization: Hydrology

Curtis Dell, Ph.D.; USDA/ARS Specialization: Nitrogen Management

Clinton Church, Ph.D.; USDA/ARS Specialization: Chemistry

Lou Saporito, Ph.D.; USDA/ARS Specialization: Agronomy/Statistics

Patricia Milner, Ph.D.; USDA/ARS Specialization: Microbiology

Peter Kleinman, PhD; USDA/ARS Specialization: Soil Chemistry

Ray Bryant, PhD; USDA/ARS Specialization: Soil Science

Zack Easton, Ph.D.; Virginia Tech Specialization: Watershed Modeling

Stakeholder Collaborating Producers:

  • Kevin Miller
  • Steve Cullen
  • Courbourne Swift

For additional info, contact:

Dr. Arthur Allen, Professor
Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Sciences
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Princess Anne, MD 21853

Phone: 410-651-6212

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