Policy for Records Maintenance


To set forth policy and procedures for the maintenance of student and general financial aid files.


It is the policy of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore through the Office of Student Financial Aid, to maintain student and general files in accordance with state and federal guidelines.


  1. Student Files:
    • The Office Clerk will determine if the student has a financial aid file
    • A file will be made by the Office Clerk for all new students.
    • Students with a financial aid folder may have their file pulled form the inactive status.
    • Files are placed in the current year active files
    • Before any additional information is filed, it must be determined if the information must be entered on the PC. If yes, the student’s name is highlighted to indicate that the information has been recorded. If no, the information may be filed with no notation.
    • Student files are retained for three years after appropriate audits have been conducted.
  2. General Files:
    • The Office Clerk will determine if there is an existing file. If no, one will be made for general documents which need to be retained in the general files. If a folder exists, the information is filed
    • Generally, general files are retained for three years
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