By combining agriculture and tourism, UMES Extension aims to help farmers increase their revenue streams and spread community knowledge about local agriculture. Agritourism generates income for small farmers and producers as well as local restaurants, hotels and stores where the farms are located.

Agritourism Publications

Report: Maryland Agritourism: A Baseline Profile 2023.

Slideshow: Maryland Agritourism: A Baseline Profile (2022).

Interactive Map

Whether you’re looking for data on agritourism in the State of Maryland or simply looking for a place to pick to pick your own strawberries or visit a local craft brewery, the map below can help you find every type of agritourism Maryland has to offer, and which businesses are closest to you.

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What’s a you-pick? Read all agritourism venue definitions.

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Agritourism Conference

Our inaugural Maryland Agritourism Conference, held in December 2023, was an opportunity for entrepreneurs, government entities, and educational institutions to gather and identify critical elements to grow agriculture-centered tourism in the state.

Learn more about the Maryland Agritourism Conference here.

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