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Factors Associated with the Profitability of Agritourism Operations in Maryland, USA*
P.B. Bhandari, K.U. Ejiogu, L.B. Karki, E.N. Escobar, N.N. Arbab and M.T. Kairo
Sustainability 2024, 16(3), 1025;
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*This paper was presented at the National Extension Tourism (NET) 2023 Conference, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 24–27 September 2023.

Maryland Agritourism: A Baseline Profile 2023
K.U. Ejiogu, E.N. Escobar and M. Kairo
Collaboration: L. Peña-Lévano
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Maryland Agritourism – A Baseline Profile
A poster to the International Workshop on Agritourism (Burlington, VT – Aug. 30-Sept 2, 2022)
Kingsley Ejiogu and E.N. Escobar
Collaboration: L. Peña-Lévano
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Watch the webinar: Maryland Agritourism

What Face Mask is Right for the Job?
Dr. Jennifer Timmons, Assistant Professor
Department of Agriculture, Food and Resources Sciences
Dr. Jon Moyle, Extension Poultry Specialist,
University of Maryland College Park 

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