Alma Mater

Ms. Margaret Rutherford &
Mr. Jamal Drayton

To Thee, Dear Alma Mater
We raise our grateful song
For through thy noble teachings
Thou’st made thy children strong;
And thousands still shall praise thee
All earth shall hear their swell, and
Bind our hearts yet closer to thee
We love so well.

We love thy spacious campus
We love thy tow’ring halls
And hollow’d are the lessons
We’ve learn’d within thy walls.
Stand thou forever glorious,
Full-rob’d in Living green;
Shine thou in endless splendor
Beneath thy trees serene.


Maryland, Maryland, home of Maroon and Gray
Maryland, Maryland, thee will we love always.
All hail to thee fair Maryland, All glory be to thee!
Grow thou in strength and honor, Through all eternity!

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