Art Loft

One Advantage to being an Art Major?

The ART LOFT: a Living Learning Community

Art freshmen are housed on their own residence hall floor, making the ART Loft a great place to make friends with other creative people. Research shows that students housed in a Living Learning Communities (LLC), like the Art Loft, have higher grades, higher graduation rates, are happier with their college experience, and have an easier time connecting to fellow students (Association of American Colleges & Universities, 2010).

Advantages of the Art Loft include:

  • Studio space right in your dormitory. Students can work at an easel or drafting table anytime, day, or night, in the comfort of your own residence hall
  • Opportunity to interact with others who share a similar interest
  • Opportunity to participate in service learning activities
  • Living a dorm close to all your art classes
  • Frequent interaction faculty and staff outside of the classroom
  • being part of a cooperative, supportive, “student-centered” living and learning environment

So far this year, Art Loft residence have:

  • Had a pizza dinner with art faculty
  • Enjoyed Halloween movie night with costumes and food
  • Gone to dinner with a sculptor John Barnes
  • Visited the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Educating Center, followed by a viewing of the new movie Harriet. And of course dinner afterwards
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