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Explore the vibrant student experience at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore

A major reason why the University of Maryland Eastern Shore ranks among the best HBCUs in the country is the rich student life we foster throughout our campus community. From dance parties in the quad to ensuring that our students remain healthy, we approach the student experience on campus holistically to make your educational experience one-of-a-kind.

At the Student Life Center, you’ll find everything you need to know about campus events and activities, career exploration services, health and wellness resources, and finding the right financial aid to help pay for tuition and fees. Our dedicated student life center team is here to answer all of your questions and help you on your college journey at UMES. Learn more about us and what makes student life at UMES unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Campus Life

There are few things as exciting as the student experience on a college campus. UMES offers many student-run organizations, annual events, and options for Greek life that will supplement your hard work in class and introduce you to your fellow Hawks. Exploring campus life outside the classroom can help you achieve a healthy student life/work balance.

Work hard in your classes, then play hard during Homecoming — which includes a campus-wide parade, food trucks, and tailgating. Homecoming, also known as Hawkmania, is a week like no other.

Joining a fraternity, sorority, or social fellowship is a great chance to become a member of a close-knit family of likeminded peers. The connections you make in your house can also help you down the line to build solid professional networks. Learn more about the Greek life student experience at UMES.

No matter what field you study or hobby you enjoy, we have a student organization for you. Obsessed with anime? We’ve got you covered. Want to show off your voice? Our gospel choir is a welcoming group of talented singers. Interested in career exploration? Check out our professional groups, such as PDLS (Professional Development of Leadership and Success) and the Pre-Professional Society. Student life at UMES is about celebrating the many accomplishments of our friends and family. Commencement is a fun occasion where we can be proud of our past successes and look forward to our bright futures.

Student Academic Success

Your success is our success. That’s why we offer student support centers across campus to help you excel as a student and remain a confident leader well after graduation.

The Center of Access and Academic Success (CAAS) can help you with every stage of the college student experience: from scheduling courses during your first year to tutoring and academic coaching in your senior year. Each of the four schools in the university is assigned an academic advisor who guides students through the first year and makes sure that student life at UMES is as stress-free and fun as possible. The student support centers at UMES make career exploration and professionalism easy through Leadership and Development. Learn how to dress for the career you want, build leadership and team skills, and go on outdoor retreats to explore the beauty of Maryland while practicing the skills that will make you a successful professional.

Financial Support

Earning a degree from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore is a huge investment in your future and the future of those your work will impact. UMES and the Student Life Center therefore invests in you and your academic success through generous financial aid options. The scholarships, grants, and student emergency funds we offer are meant to enhance your student life experience on campus and ease some of the stress of paying for your education. Fill out the general scholarship application to see what financial aid you could be eligible for.


We want every aspect of student life at UMES to be enjoyable. That mission begins with helping students stay on top of their class schedules and important dates—such as midterms and finals.

The student life center offers helpful academic calendars so you can keep track of holidays, deadlines, and events. Check out the schedule of classes to start planning your academic year and see the diverse offering of classes at UMES. Learn more about the admissions process at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

Career Exploration

The student experience at UMES is about trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone to get to know yourself and those around you better. It’s about finding what you love and preparing for a rewarding career doing it every single day. That’s why we promote career exploration through the Career and Professional Development Center. Whether you’re a first-year student or a senior preparing to enter the job market after graduation, we have the resources to help you find your dream career field, take the courses that will make you ready to excel in it, and search for positions to apply for even before graduation day. Student life at UMES is also about preparing for professional life beyond the classroom.

Health and Wellness

Among the Student Support Centers around campus, one of the most important is the Charles R. Drew Health Center, which offers student health services and functions as a resource to help Hawks remain healthy while they learn and grow intellectually. We also provide counseling services that offer flexible mental health resources to our students. We know that student life on campus doesn’t operate on a 9–5 schedule. That’s why we offer access to physicians 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Contact Us

We have your back every step of the way and can help you learn to soar above and beyond as a Hawk at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. If you have any questions about the Student Life Center or what resources we offer, please reach out to us today.

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