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Welcome to the Career & Professional Development Center at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore  where staff is committed to further enhancing student’s self-confidence and career readiness skills, while assisting students with building clarity, confidence, professional development and career exploration skills. This will empower students to navigate through the professional development process while, acquiring the opportunities and experiences that will enable them to compete in a global workforce. This office is the catalyst to students being successful in the workforce.

Exploring career paths as freshmen, cultivating transferable skills, internship involvement and further enhancement of career focused activities is critical. The Center is well positioned to prepare students for an ever changing global workforce. Students have access to numerous career related services offered by the University Career & Professional Development Center that involve positive career related programming, career exploration, graduate/professional school information, immersive experiential learning, internships that assist with building major specific skills, employer engagement and also exposure to state of the art career related technology.

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore Career & Professional Development Center is here to provide career services support to students. Students are encouraged to develop a Handshake Profile through the Handshake Platform. When you go to the Career & Professional Development Center website page, you will see Handshake for students. There you will find instructions for developing your Handshake profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Career & Professional Development Center open?

Yes, the Center is open. Hours are from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. The office is located in the Student Services Center, Suite 2158. Staff is also available through email, by phone (410) 651-6447.

2. How can I contact the Career & Professional Development Center?

For detailed questions related to your career interests, job/internship search, networking, interviewing, or other skills, there are serval options for contacting the Career & Professional Development Center. Students can contact Career & Professional Development staff by Handshake Platform, telephone (410) 651-6447 or by emailing staff accordingly:

Dr. Theresa Queenan, Mrs. Bettye Hoskins-Knox  or

Ms. Suzanne Burton

3. When should I visit the Career & Professional Development Center ?

For quick answers to questions, or to have a resume briefly reviewed, you can walk-in to the Center Students should start exploring careers as early as Freshman year, so that they can apply for internships and research opportunities well before starting a job search. If you have not declared a major or unsure of a selected major, make an appointment with a Career professional staff member to clarify career goals. However, we can work with you at any time during your college matriculation.

4. How do I schedule an appointment with the Career & Professional Development?

To obtain in-depth assistance, including discussion of self-assessment, career exploration and job search strategies, as well as interview practice and assistance with a resume, or cover letter, students can schedule an appointment from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily.  Students can schedule an appointment with career staff directly by calling (410) 651-6447 or by utilizing Handshake.  You can log on to Handshake. Please utilize the following instructions

  • Log into your Handshake account.
  • Click on the Career Center drop-down menu.
  • Choose Schedule New Appointment either with Dr. Theresa Queenan, Director or Mrs. Bettye Hoskins-Knox, Career Specialist.
  • Select your classification year from the list provided
  • Choose an appointment type that relates to what you are requesting assistance for.
  • Use the calendar feature to select a day that states “Appointments Available”.
5. What is Handshake?

Handshake is a system where you can upload your resume, apply for jobs and internships, register for career events, schedule appointments with the Career Center, and more. Handshake has thousands of internship and full-time positions that are not a part of the on-campus recruiting program. All UMES students should complete a Handshake profile.

For fulfillment one should major in whatever you enjoy.  You will be happy, engaged, and you’ll perform better in class. What matters most are the skills you develop in completing your degree, your achievements, and the work-related experience that you gain along the way. You can also browse What Can I Do with This Major?, which allows you to look up your major and see the range of career options most commonly associated with it. For other career ideas, consider taking the Focus assessment.

6. When do I start looking for a full-time, professional job?

The job search, as most students imagine it (networking, researching employers, sending resumes, etc.), should begin at the end of Junior year or the beginning of Senior year.  But the career development efforts that will make your job search successful begin NOW.

Taking your career development seriously requires you to invest your time exploring potential careers, starting and expanding your professional network of contacts, and building your skills and experience through involvement in student clubs, community volunteerism, internships, co-ops, part-time jobs, and summer experiences.  In many cases, it is through these opportunities that you will discover options for post-graduation jobs.

7. How do I create a resume?

There are various resources for writing resumes and cover letters, including resume samples from different majors and a template for crafting cover letters.  Look at our Resume Skills Guideline Packet, on our website. You can revise an older resume or start by simply making a list of your experience and skills. Using free “resume builder” templates that you may find online are not recommended.  While they are easy to create, they are not easy to customize.  Your best option is to open a blank Word document and begin. 

8. What is the difference between a resume and a CV? 

A Curriculum Vitae is a specialized and extended resume that generally has more extensive details about your work experience and your skills.  A CV is often multiple pages and includes publications, academic conference presentations, teaching experience, and public service. The vast majority of undergraduate students will have no need for a CV, and should instead focus on developing several targeted resumes.

A resume is a one- or two-page document specifically tailored to the job or internship opening for which you are applying.  Most employers want only as much information as needed to demonstrate that your skills and experience match the needs of the job description.

9. I have an interview next week. How do I get ready for it? 

Start by reading our Employment Interview Guide, where we offer extensive tips and guidelines.  Also make sure to know something about the employer you are interviewing with. It is extremely important that you research employers in advance of your interview. Make sure to schedule a mock interview with Career Professionals.

10. What is the University Recruitment Program/Career Fairs?

It provides UMES students the opportunity to attend information session, employer career related educational programs, interviews for internships and full-time positions without leaving campus.

11. I do not see anything in campus recruiting that interest me. Is this all there is?

There is a wealth of opportunities. Not all Corporations, government agencies participate in on-campus recruitment. Make sure to keep your Handshake profile updated and visit the Career & Professional Development Center.

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