HVAC and Plumbing

Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm (except University holidays)

Telephone:  (410) 651-7977 • Fax (410) 651-7918

Manager:  Robert Mills, HVAC Chief

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) and Plumbing workcenter maintains all the heating and air conditioning equipment for the campus, provides preventive maintenance, and works closely with the energy management program. Additionally, maintenance services are provided for kitchen equipment such as dishwashers, ice machines, stoves and kettles, refrigerators and freezers, and swimming pool equipment for proper operation. The staff currently consists of three HVAC mechanics and two maintenance mechanics.

The plumbing workcenter maintains all water, sewer and other plumbing fixtures on campus including drinking fountains.

HVAC and plumbing staff are available for on-call emergency services after normal business hours.

“Being Green”

HVAC has incorporated work practices that will conserve resources and help to sustain our environment:

  • Re-cycle old HVAC equipment for different kinds of scrap metals.
  • Replace older split A/C systems with better rated units (that were rated at 9SEER with new 13 SEER rated units)
  • Replace old high energy use hot water heaters with the new low energy “instant-on” hot water heaters
  • Replace large HVAC systems with new low energy use units
  • Installing new geo-thermal heating and cooling system at Wicomico Hall. 
  • Participated in extensive campus energy management that has resulted in a 3 million dollars saving in a little over three years
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