Central Receiving

Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm (except University holidays)

Phone:  (410) 651-6659 or (410) 651-6140 • Fax (410) 651-6655

Manager:  Frederick Wheatley

Central Receiving handles the shipping, receiving, and distribution of goods to meet the needs of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  Our workcenter is staffed by two Storekeepers and one Service Worker with assistance from work study students throughout the year.  Central Receiving is the primary short term storage facility for the campus.


  • Packages weighing ten pounds or less can be picked from Central Receiving.          
  • Distribution of packages shipped to the University will be delivered normally within 24 hours.
  • Notification of parcel arrivals are sent to students by E-mail.
  • Coordination of shipping mode and routing for incoming and outgoing shipments to optimize the cost of transportation. 
  • Orders and schedules delivery of fuel to the campus (#2 Fuel Oil, #4 Fuel Oil, Unleaded Gas, Propane)
  • Orders and schedules tank chemical delivery and returns for the campus
  • Freight billing audit for correctness
  • Damage report preparation for claims on deliveries 
  • Tagging of Non-capital sensitive equipment and Capital equipment of University Property that meets the dollar criteria for inventory
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