General Information

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Drug Information Center is an academic-based drug information center within the School of Pharmacy.  The DI Center seeks to provide drug information services for students, faculty, and health-care professionals in the community as described in the mission and goals below.


The University of Maryland Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy’s (UMES-SOP) Drug Information Center uses its resources to support the University’s mission of developing a group of faculty and student scholars who are dedicated to impacting the healthcare needs of the people of the Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) Peninsula and the nation. The Drug Information Center seeks to optimize patient care by providing healthcare providers as well as the faculty, preceptors, and students of UMES-SOP with access to current, accurate, and unbiased drug information.


  • Respond to drug-related questions from healthcare professionals in the local community to facilitate the delivery of quality patient care.
  • Teach students the skill of efficiently retrieving, critiquing, and evaluating drug and medical information and accurately communicating (both verbal and written) the response to patients and health-care providers.
  • Serve as information resource center for faculty, students, and health-care professionals.

Drug Information Center Services and Customers

Drug Information Center personnel respond to drug information questions from healthcare professionals free of charge.  We do not respond to questions from consumers at this time.

While we can provide students with some guidance, we encourage students to use their drug information skills to respond to questions.  They should not use the drug information center phone number or e-mail as means to getting answers to questions/assignments given to them by faculty.

Hours of Operation

9:00-4:00 M-F (Closed Holidays)


The Director of the Drug Information Center is Miriam Purnell, Pharm.D.  Dr. Purnell received her Bachelor’s of Science and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in Philadelphia, PA.  She then completed a drug information residency at the Janssen Research Foundation in Titusville, NJ.  



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