Admissions Requirements

Please see below for information on required tests, GPA, pre-requisite coursework, physical examination, immunizations, health insurance, and criminal background check.  Frequently asked questions about admissions can be found in the Admissions FAQs


The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) may be taken at any time, but no later than April of the year that you are seeking admission. Please contact Pearson at 1-800-622-3231 or visit for a PCAT application and additional PCAT information. The PCAT is not required for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle.

If you choose to optionally submit PCAT results, scores above the 65th percentile rank are viewed favorably and scores below the 35th percentile rank are viewed negatively.


The recommended GPA for admission is 2.75, both science/math GPA and overall GPA. The GPAs are calculated based on the course requirements listed below.  Please note that a student must obtain a “C” or better in all pre-requisite classes.  For repeated courses, the highest grade will replace the previous grade for up to 2 courses.  For additional repeated courses, the average of all attempts will be considered.

Course Requirements (Pre-requisites)

Pre-pharmacy requirements may be taken at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore or any accredited institution in the United States. The requisite course work necessary to qualify a prospective student for admission consideration is as follows:

CourseNumber of SemestersTotal Credits
General Chemistry (with lab, for science majors)8
Organic Chemistry (with lab, for science majors)28
General Biology (with lab, for science majors)14
Anatomy and Physiology (with lab, for science majors)28
Microbiology (with lab, for science majors)14
Physics (with lab, Algebra or Calculus based)14
Public Speaking/Interpersonal Communication13
English Composition and Literature26
Economics 13
Humanities/Social Sciences**12
(Semester Credit Hours)
66-67 credits
* Statistics should be math based.  Statistics courses that are specific to a major  (e.g. social science statistics, business statistics) will not be accepted.
**Recommended Sociology, Psychology, Arts, Music, History
Please note: An Introductory Biochemistry Course is Strongly Encouraged
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