Sequence Year I


EDLD 640

Writing for Publication

This course is designed to assist students in the publication process.  It presents tools, techniques and resources for writing scholarly articles and for the dissertation writing process.  It will familiarize the student with various writing styles and focuses on improving the writing ability of the student.

EDLD 641

Inclusionary Classroom Practices

The emphasis of this course is on the leadership of the special education teachers, regular education teachers and the special education program. Students will receive guidance in supporting teachers of students with disabilities and students with disabilities in general education classrooms, supporting the general education teacher in providing instruction to children with disabilities, and facilitating the acceptance and optimal learning of students with disabilities in a non-segregated, diverse, inclusionary educational environment.

EDLD 642

School and Community Relations

This course offers a review of the history and philosophy of education in the United States with a focus on the ideals which fostered growth and change.  Students will examine the relationship of the school to the community.  Emphasis will be placed on the school community concept, community analysis, community characteristics affecting educational quality, public involvement in educational strategic planning, and district evaluation.  Group dynamics and conflict resolution are also emphasized in the course.


EDLD 644 

Supervision and Professional Development 

 The nature and function of supervision as it relates to staff is the focus of the course. A contemporary view of supervision from both a theoretical and practical perspective will be presented.  The role of the “supervisor” will be examined as it has evolved from the traditional model to the instructional leadership model, a model that embraces collegiality and professional development.  The course includes strategies and processes that relate to a variety of supervisory models, e.g.: clinical supervision, mentoring, differentiated supervision, cooperative development, and professional, self-directed development. Emphasis is placed on studying different ways in which evaluating, organizing and planning for the school system may be effectively improved through the cooperative participation of school personnel. Professional development will be examined as a means for school-wide improvement.

EDLD 647 

Curriculum and Instructional Leadership 

This course focuses on: effective assessment practices, effective curriculum design, development and implementation, curriculum evaluations, and current issues and trends in the subject fields. Attention is given to the professional decisions that must be made about curriculum alignment and assessment. The major focus will be on developing learner-centered school cultures that assess outcomes and understand curriculum alignment and instructional outcomes, including state, regional and national standards. The belief driving the course is that school administrators are instructional leaders who understand the theoretical and practical aspects of school improvement through effective instructional leadership practices.

EDLD 683

Qualitative Research for Educational Leaders

  This is an intensive course in the use of field-based and general qualitative research methods in the study of education. Qualitative research focuses on understanding, rather than predicting or controlling, phenomena.  The aim of the course is to help participants acquire skill and gain experience in using a wide range of methodological and analytical research techniques. The emphasis of the course is on the collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of qualitative data.


EDLD 662

 School Plant Management

 This course is the study of issues involved in the planning, operation and maintenance of school facilities, buildings and grounds. Emphasis is on the analysis of leadership beliefs and actions that promote the effective use of existing facilities and possible applications to meet current educational and community needs and culture.

EDLD 664

Advanced School Law

  This course will include an analysis of selected general legal principles, laws and law-making agencies that affect leaders and educational institutions.  The legislative process will be analyzed with regard to governmental decision-making and the legalities of lobbying. Ethics for school leaders will be a major focus of the course.

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