Guidelines for Posters (Students and Scientists)

ARD Research Symposium 2024

Symposium Theme:
Climate, Health and Cultivating the Next Generation of Agriculture Leaders: Creating Solutions in Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources

  1. The poster must be submitted in one of the following contemporary topic areas:
    1. Family, Youth, Community and Economic Development
    2. Food Safety, Nutrition, Health, and Health Disparities
    3. Renewable Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change
    4. Plant Health and Production and Plant Products
    5. Animal Health and Production and Animal Products
  2. The poster must have the following sections:
    1. Title with authors and Institution(s)
    2. Abstract
    3. Introduction
    4. Materials and Methods
    5. Results (to include charts, tables, figures and photos)
    6. Discussion
    7. Conclusion(s)
    8. Literature Cited
  3. The poster must conform to the following specifications:
    1. Must fit entirely within a 4 ft. x 4 ft. area
    2. Lettering must be readable from 3-4 ft.
    3. Please do not exceed the limit specifications of 36 inches Wide X 48 inches Height.
  4. Eligibility
    1. The original research must have been primarily conducted at an 1890 Institution and primarily led by a scientist or student at that 1890 Institution
    2. The research cannot previously have been published or be “in press”
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