In 2007, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) partnered with the American Chemical Society (ACS) to offer Project SEED to the surrounding community.  Project SEED offers local, ambitious, economically disadvantaged or underrepresented, high school students the opportunity to work in an academic, industrial, or government research laboratory for eight weeks during the summer.  Project SEED offers a unique opportunity to high school students by exposing them to science through learning and discovery, while earning income; students are awarded a fellowship for their efforts.  This Program also fosters nurturing and supportive relationships between high school students and the scientific community, a relationship that can be vital to a student during the transition from high school to college.  SEED students are encouraged to enroll at UMES and pursue a major in the sciences.  Should a SEED student choose this route, the student would be eligible for a SEED scholarship to help meet the financial obligations of college, while at UMES. 

For additional information regarding the UMES ACS Project SEED Program, please contact the Program Coordinator, Uche Udeochu, Ph.D., at or the Program Director, Jennifer L. Hearne, Ph.D., at

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