Candidates Understanding and Eligibility

The Election Commission

The Elections Commission is an independent group that oversees the undergraduate Student Government Elections process. The Commission is responsible for holding and monitoring elections for Student Government positions, Student Body Referendums, and other student organizations requesting the supervision of the Election Commission.

The Commission is responsible for oversight: publicizing the elections, creating candidates’ election packets, coordinating all meetings regarding the election’s process, and managing all designated polling sites. In addition, the Commission investigates all alleged election code violations and irregularities. The election’s calendar is determined by the Student Government Constitution.


  • Students running for sophomore class positions must have 28 earned credits by September 1.
  • Sophomores running for junior class positions must have 56 earned credits by September 1.
  • Juniors running for senior positions must have 84 credits earned by September 1.
  • All candidates must have an overall GPA of 2.75 or better in order to hold office.
  • Candidates for President and Vice President must have an overall GPA of 2.75 or better by the start of the 2024 fall semester in order to hold office.
  • Candidates for Student Government Association President and Vice President must run on a ticket together.
  • The positions of Mister and Miss University of Maryland Eastern Shore must represent the Senior Class.
  • Candidates may not be on academic or disciplinary probation.
  • Each undergraduate candidate must be registered for at least twelve (12) university credits. (registered means carry and maintain).

Any questions regarding the eligibility requirements can be directed to the Vice President of Enrollment Management and/or designee.

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