Malik Thompson, a senior undergraduate student in Agriculture, Food and Environment at Kentucky State University discusses his experience working for the first time on a project funded by the CEGFSD.

The project “Use of Geospatial Technology and Community Intelligence in Developing Disaster Recovery Strategies: A Pilot Project Engaging U.S. and Caribbean Faculty and Students” was very interesting and fun as I was able to collaborate with other students from other schools who also live in different time zones other than my own. I have enjoyed the process of making new connections with others who have a similar interest to mine. On this project, I collaborated with 2 other students. One of them was from Alabama A&M University while the other was from Dominica State College. 

Although Dominica State College is in the Atlantic Time Zone (AST), there wasn’t much of a time difference except for our individual schedules. However, for the Alabama A&M University’s Central Time Zone (CST), the time difference was one (1) hour along with another person’s busy schedule. Even though the project was very tedious due to busy schedules and different time zones, I am excited we were able to collaborate with one another and contribute our portions of the project to present to our advisors and our peers.

 Our project was over the Importance of Sustainability. I have definitely gained understanding and a deeper knowledge of how we as human beings can be more considerate of the environment in many other ways than just recycling. Even down to finances, we were able to make a change in our environment and keep the world more green and sufficient in its ecology. 

I look forward to doing more projects like this one as it was my first time collaborating on a project with people whom I have never personally met.

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