Behnam Khatabi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 
Department of Natural Sciences
Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Sciences 
Princess Anne, MD 21853 
Phone: (410) 621-3374


50% Research; 50% Teaching

Areas of Expertise:

  • Plant-Microbe Interactions/Plant Pathology
  • Molecular Biology/Biotechnology
  • Integrated Omics Approaches in Plant Systems Biology


  • Ph.D. 2009 University of Giessen, Germany, Molecular Biology/Plant Pathology
  • M.Sc. 2003 Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran, Plant Pathology

Research and Professional Experience:

  • Assistant Professor; School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, Maryland (2017-present)
  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate; The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Ardmore, OK (2016) ( Laboratory of Dr. Rick Nelson); Delaware State University, Dover, DE (2013-2015); University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (2010-2013)

Professional Assignments:

  • Guest EditorPlant Molecular Biology for the Special issue focusing on Plant-microbe symbiotic interaction 2016 
  • Peer reviewer of journals- Journal of Plant Physiology, Microbial Pathogenesis, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology, Molecular Plant Pathology, Planta, Plant Pathology, Pest Management Science, Scientific Reports, Plant Disease, Archives of Virology.

Selected Referred Publications:

  • Khatabi B, Arikit S, Xia R, Winter S, Doungous O, Mongomake K, Meyers BC, Fondong VN (2016) High-resolution identification and abundance profiling of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) microRNAs. BMC Genomics 17:85.
  • Leke WN, Khatabi B, Brown JK, Fondong VN (2016) Complete genome sequence of a new bipartite begomovirus infecting fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis) plants in Cameroon. Archives of Virology 161:2347-2350. 
  • Ghaffari MR, Ghaboli M, Khatabi B, Hajirezaei MR, Schweizer P, Salekdeh GH (2016) Metabolic and transcriptional response of central metabolism affected by root endophytic fungus Piriformospora indica under salinity in barley. Plant Molecular Biology 90:699-717.
  • Leke WN, Khatabi B, Mignouna DB, Brown JK, Fondong VN (2016) Complete genome sequence of a new bipartite begomovirus infecting cotton in the Republic of Benin in West Africa. Archives of Virology 161:2329-2333.
  • Wang Y, Khatabi B, Hajimorad MR (2015) Amino acid substitution in P3 of Soybean mosaic virus to convert avirulence to virulence on Rsv4-genotype soybeans is influenced by genetic composition of P3. Molecular Plant Pathology 16:301-307. 
  • Mongomake K, Doungous O, Khatabi B, Fondong VN (2015) Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) landraces from Cameroon. SpringerPlus4:477. 
  • Wen R-H, Khatabi B, Ashfield T, Saghai Maroof MA, Hajimorad MR (2013) The HC-Pro and P3 cistrons of an avirulent Soybean mosaic virus are recognized by different resistance genes at the complex Rsv1 Locus. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 26:203-215 (Joint First Author).
  • Khatabi B, Wen R-H, Hajimorad MR (2013) Fitness penalty in susceptible host is associated with virulence of Soybean mosaic virus on Rsv1-genotype soybean: a consequence of perturbation of HC-Pro and not P3. Molecular Plant Pathology 14:885-897.
  • Ghabooli M, Khatabi B, Ahmadi FS, Sepehri M, Mirzaei M, Amirkhani A, Jorrín-Novo JV, Salekdeh GH (2013) Proteomics study reveals the molecular mechanisms underlying water stress tolerance induced by root mutualistic fungus Piriformospora indica in barley. Journal of Proteomics 94:289-301. 
  • Alikhani M, Khatabi B, Sepehri M, Khayam-Nekouei M, Salekdeh GH (2013) Proteomics approach to study the molecular basis of enhanced salt tolerance in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) conferred by the root mutualistic fungus Piriformospora indicaMolecular BioSystems 9:1498-1510.
  • Khatabi B, Molitor A, Lindermayr C, Pfiffi S, Durner J, von Wettstein D, Kogel KH, Schäfer P (2012) Ethylene supports colonization of plant roots by the mutualistic fungus Piriformospora indicaPLoS ONE 7:e35502.
  • Khatabi B, Schäfer P (2012) Ethylene in mutualistic symbioses. Plant Signaling and Behavior 7:1828-1832.
  • Khatabi B, Fajolu OL, Wen R-H, Hajimorad MR (2012) Evaluation of North American isolates of Soybean mosaic virus for gain of virulence on Rsv-genotype soybeans with special emphasis on resistance-breaking determinants on Rsv4. Molecular Plant Pathology 13:1077-1088.
  • Khatabi B, He B, Hajimorad MR (2012) Diagnostic potential of polyclonal antibodies against bacterially expressed recombinant coat protein of Alfalfa mosaic virusPlant Disease 96:1352-1357.
  • Khatabi B, Wen R-H, Hershman DE, Kennedy BS, Newman MA, Hajimorad MR (2012) Generation of polyclonal antibodies and serological analyses of nucleocapsid protein of Soybean vein necrosis-associated virus: A distinct soybean infecting tospovirus serotype. European Journal of Plant Pathology133:783-790.
  • Schäfer P, Khatabi B, Kogel KH (2007) Root cell death and systemic effects of Piriformospora indica: a study on mutualism. FEMS Microbiology Letters 275:1-7.
  • Babaie G, Khatabi B, Bayat H, Rastgou M,  Hosseini A, Salekdeh GH (2007) Detection and characterization of phytoplasmas infecting ornamental and weed plants in Iran. Journal of Phytopathology 155: 368-372. 
  • Rastgou M, Khatabi B, Izadpanah K, Kvarnheden A (2005) Nucleotide sequences of a part of Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV and Cereal yellow dwarf virus-RPV genome from Iran. Parasitica 65:89-94.
  • Rastgou M, Khatabi B, Kvarnheden A, Izadpanah K (2005) Relationships of Barley yellow dwarf virus-PAV and Cereal yellow dwarf virus-RPV from Iran with viruses of the family Luteoviridae. European Journal of Plant Pathology 113:321-326. 
  • Alavi V, Khatabi B, Salekdeh GH (2005) Comparison of biologically distinct isolates of Citrus tristeza virus from Iran using major coat protein. Australasian Plant Pathology 34:577-582.

Book Chapter: 

  • Khatabi B, Tabrizi NM, Salekdeh GH (2016) Holistic Sequencing: Moving Forward from Plant Microbial Proteomics to Metaproteomics. In Agricultural Proteomics Volume 1 (pp. 87-103). Springer International Publishing.
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