Miguel Martin

Miguel Martin, PhD
Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences


  • Ph.D.- Physiology (2000) University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • M.S.- Medicine (1995) Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, Canada
  • B.S. (Honors)- Biophysics (1991) Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia


After completing his postdoctoral training at the University of Houston in 2003, Dr. Martin joined the faculty at the University of Vermont where he taught several undergraduate and graduate courses, including a capstone Physiology course and a Neurodevelopment course for Biology majors. At the University of Vermont, Dr. Martin mentored the research thesis of three PhD and one MSc student. He was also actively involved in undergraduate research. 

Dr. Martin’s main research interest is in neurophysiology, particularly the role of ion channels in cell physiology. His research has focused on the function of voltage-gated calcium channels and calcium-permeable receptors during neuronal cell differentiation and cancer development. Using the chicken embryo as a model, he has studied the function of T-type calcium channels and calcium-permeable AMPA receptors during neuronal cell differentiation. He is currently investigating the functional implications of T-type calcium channel expression in prostate cancer development. Dr. Martin’s research has been supported by grants from the National Institute of Health and the Vermont Genetic Network. During his professional career, Dr. Martin has co-authored many scientific articles in neuroscience, physiology and neurodevelopment. He has conducted multiple presentations at national and international meetings. Dr. Martin is a member of the Society for Neuroscience, the American Physiological Society, the American Association for Cancer Research, and the American Association of College of Pharmacy.

Areas of Interest and/or Experience

  • Ion channel physiology
  • Regulation of ion channel expression in prostate cancer
  • Regulation of intracellular calcium by calcium channels
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