Sign-off and Approval Procedure

Planning is a critical element in the application process. The University has developed a formal routing and approval process for the submission of grant and contract applications. Routing and Approval Forms can be obtained from the OSRP .

The process requires that five business days be allowed for completion of this process. The P.I. is responsible for obtaining the department or office directors signature and hand-carrying the application to the OSRP. The OSRP will complete the process and return the approved application to the P.I. for copying and shipping/delivery.

Copies of approved applications must be submitted to the P.I.s immediate supervisor and to the OSRP. When an application fails to obtain approval, OSRP will work with the P.I. to address deficiencies and to prepare an amended application for approval. Should a P.I. wait until the last minute to seek approval, there may be insufficient time to allow for the development of an amended application.

OSRP recommends that P.I.s develop a schedule which will allow sufficient time to complete all phases in the application process. This can be accomplished through contact with prospective sponsoring organizations. These sponsors can, in general, advise you of potential grant and contract opportunities well in advance of the official publication date. Other organizations, such as NIH, have several application dates per year.

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