Databases of Funded Projects

American Type Culture Collection. 
European Molecular Biology Laboratory – nucleotide sequences and other molecular biology databases.
European Bioinformatics Institute – protein-sequence database SWISS-PROT and other databases.
The Human Gene Mutation Database – includes inherited disease-causing mutations.
The Visible Human Project – human male and female thin-sectioned from head to toe. 
National Library of Medicine, funded projects – National Library of Medicine’s Medline databases.
Uncover at CARL Corporation – 17,000 periodicals – copies of faxed articles can be costly.
Canadian Database of Distance Education Activities
Community of Science CRISP, National Institutes of Health, database on grant awards 
Department of Education, grant award database, 
National Science Foundation, grant award database, 
Agricola (U.S. Department of Agriculture) 
Medline (National Library of Medicine) 
Toxline (National Library of Medicine) 
UC Center for Animal Alternatives (Databases for Alternatives)

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