Internal Routing and Review

The people or offices involved in the internal review and processing are as follows: Principal Investigator is responsible for the budget, technical content, quality and preparation of the proposal, submission to supervision and copying and delivery/mailing of application.

Department Chairperson is responsible for certifying to the academic soundness of the project, the compatibility of the project with the P.I’s other commitments, the availability of space and facilities, cost-sharing commitments, assuring that the project is in keeping with department objectives, and concurring that the proposal should be submitted to the agency named.

Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for ensuring that there is compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and with University administrative rules. Concurrently, problems of institutional financing, cost sharing, prior acceptance of contractual terms and budget matters may be resolved here. OSRP is also responsible for internal reviews (Human subject, animal welfare, biosaftey, recombinant DNA).

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for ensuring that the content meets with acceptable rules and standards of the University. Academic policy issues that may arise are resolved here. In some unusual instances, a proposal may be presented to the Board of Regents.

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