Changes of Principal Investigator (P.I.)

Circumstances may on occasion warrant the designation of a new temporary or permanent P.I. A sponsor must be advised and permission obtained before a new principal investigator may be designated. If the P.I. finds it necessary to nominate someone, such requests must bear the signed endorsement of the department chairperson and Vice President for Academic Affairs and President. If the request is made by the department chairperson, it must be endorsed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. If the P.I. is the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the request should bear the endorsement of the next higher authority.

A request to a sponsoring organization for designation of a new P.I. will normally state the reasons for such change and will include curriculum vita of the P.I.-designate. Such requests must be submitted to the OSRP for institutional endorsement, before forwarding to the sponsor.

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