Nelseta Walters-Jones, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor 

Ph.D. 2008, Juvenile Justice, Prairie View A&M University

M. S. 2002, Juvenile Forensic Psychology, Prairie View A&M University

B.S. 2000, Psychology (Sigma cum Laude), Prairie View A&M University

Dip. Teacher’s Education. 1985, College of Agriculture Science & Education, Jamaica, W.I.

Juvenile Justice, Juveniles in the Court, Child Abuse and Victimization, Public’s Perception and Attitude Towards the Court, Children and Families of Incarcerated Parents, Human Trafficking

Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal Law, Psychology of Criminal Behavior, Minority Groups and the Criminal Justice Systems

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Book Chapter
Quarles, T; Walters-Jones, N. V. (2012).  Juveniles behind bars. In L Gideon, Special Need Offenders in Correctional Institutions, Sage Publication

American Society of Criminology

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

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