Language Learning Resources

What are the resources to help you study language?

  1. The Tutoring Center has Spanish and French tutors (SDC Suite 2200, 410-651-7510).
  2. Visit the Conversation Partner (Arabic and Chinese). Your instructor will provide you with schedule.
  3. Online Resources :  pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening, tv, radio, newspapers, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, mobile apps, vocabulary for specific professions, cultural materials, dictionaries & other reference resources, conversation & pen pal, podcasts, etc.
  4. Cultural events on campus will give you insight about places and people around the world. Like us on Facebook to stay informed!
  5. Practice the language as much as possible outside of class. Listen to the radio when you’re doing other things. Watch the weather report in that language. Read the local newspaper from the country. Learning a language is about time on task; spend as much time using the language as you can!
  6. Talk to your instructor if you are having problems. They want to see you succeed!
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