Advantages of Learning a Second Language

Language speakers & the economy

The research suggests that there is an increasing demand for multilinguals.

New American Economy: Not Lost in Translation, The Growing Importance of Foreign Language Skills in the U.S. Job Market

Dr. Patrícia Gandára, UCLA Research Professor: The Value of Bilingualism and the Seal of Biliteracy in the California Labor Market

Pew Research Center: Most European students are learning a foreign language in school while Americans lag

World Economic Forum: Speaking more than one language can boost economic growth

Quartz: People who speak multiple languages make the best employees for one big reason European Day of Languages: The Benefits of A Multilingual Workplace

University of Chicago News: Thinking in a foreign language helps economic decision-making

Huffington Post: Bilingualism a Key to Addressing Changing Workforce

ACTFL: Employability Skills + World Languages

Think Bilingual Austin: Human Capital Investment

Language Magazine: The Bilingual Advantage in the Global Workplace

Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers: Economic Advantages of Bilingualism

Lead with Languages: Making Languages Our Business: Addressing Foreign Language Demand Among U.S. Employers

Glassdoor: 4 Reasons Why Hiring Bilingual People Will Help Your Business Succeed

American Psychological Association: Andrés Consoli pushes for bilingual training of psychologists

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