Departmental Objectives

  1. Students have necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a career in industry and continue their education in graduate program.
  2. Students have necessary knowledge and skills (both theoretical and practical) that enable them to analyze and solve real life problems and to adapt to rapidly growing technology environment.
  3. Students have necessary knowledge and skills in basic qualitative, algorithm and mathematical modeling understanding to enable them to think clearly and critically.
  4. Students have general knowledge and experience of design, implementation and applications of software systems of real life problems.
  5. Students have general knowledge and experience of using knowledge in Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology of real life problem.
  6. Faculty remains current in their fields of instructions and research.
  7. Faculty spends enough time in pursuing their research and professional development.
  8. Faculty develop skills for counseling students, colleagues and community members in the planning of their academic career.
  9. The Department maintains up-to-date curriculum that reflects the current trend and best correct thinking about computer science and engineering technology.
  10. Students enrolled in computer science and engineering technology programs have opportunities to participate in professional student organizations and pre-professional employment
  11. All qualified students in our service community recognize our Computer Science and Engineering Technology programs as competitive and attractive.
  12. The Department maintains and retains contacts, offers support and establishes strong networked connections with its alumni.
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