School of Business and Technology

Department of Computer Science and Engineering Technology


Computer Science faculty and staff have individual offices that facilitate student advising, office hours, and enhance opportunities for faculty to support students as they complete assignments.

Computer Science Laboratories

The Department has six dedicated computer laboratories (where students learn programming and coding using C++, COBOL, Assembly, Java, Python, Networking, SAS, etc.) including:

2112 Supercomputer Lab (contains the mainframe)

2108 Graduate Lab (22 computer stations with private desks and overhead storage that graduate students may use for conducting research and completing projects)

2122 CS Computer Lab Computer Programming (classroom/lab with 31 computer stations loaded with software, applications, and programs)

2121 CS Computer Lab Computer Programming (classroom/lab with 31 computer stations loaded with software, applications, and programs)

2090 Software Engineering Lab (classroom/lab with 26 computer stations loaded with a variety of software, applications, and programs)

2091 Database Lab (classroom/lab with 35 computer stations loaded with software, applications, and programs)

Engineering Technology Laboratories

ATC 1046 – Electronics Lab:

The Electronics Lab contains circuit analysis and test equipment utilized by the Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology program. The equipment includes function generators, oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, a PCB milling machine, high power generation and transmission trainer, soldering equipment, and other various test equipment. The lab is fitted with 14 computers with double screen monitors that hosts several types of software related to electronics.

ATC 1050 – Communications Lab

The Communications Lab contains specialized equipment for analyzing and testing Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave communication signals and systems. The equipment includes two network analyzers, two spectrum analyzers, two Lab-Volt analog communications, trainers, two Lab-Volt digital communication trainers, LCR meters, frequency counters, oscilloscopes, and an antenna design and testing trainer.

ATC 1045 – Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Laboratory

The GPS Lab is a dedicated lab space to developing and testing communication systems related to GPS. This lab includes a grant funded $250,000 CAST Navigation system for simulating and modeling advanced navigation technology related to military, federal and commercial sectors of industry.

EASC 1028 – Communications Laboratory

The Communications Laboratory is a shared laboratory space with the Department of Engineering. This Lab includes 32 computers with various engineering, programming, and simulation software. This computer lab is fitted with five wall mounted LCD screens for multiple viewing angles and small work groups.

EASC 1028 – Embedded Systems Laboratory

The Embedded Systems Laboratory is a shared laboratory with the Department of Engineering. This laboratory contains equipment for designing, testing, and simulating embedded devices and systems. The equipment is this lab includes, bench top multimeters, oscilloscopes, function generators, 3D printers, Bolt Sphero robots, digital logic analyzers, digital electronics trainers, soldering stations, and 10 computers.

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