Computer Resources


The Department has a Sun Lab consisting of 21 Sun Blade 150 workstations and  Sun V1280 server and two Computer Laboratories consisting of high-end Pentium computers. Users have access to a wide variety of Windows and UNIX  Microcomputers, plus special purpose facilities for graphics. These computer facilities and several other campus wide computer facilities are available for all students.

Students in both the undergraduate and graduate Computer Science courses benefit from the wide variety of computing resources made available at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore as a member of the University System of Maryland. Both Unix-based and Windows-based systems provide a rich computing environment both for majors and for students in service courses.

Library facilities are extensive and are supplemented each year. Opportunities exist for student participation in faculty research projects. While computer laboratory facilities are open and available all day and evening, most graduate courses are scheduled in the early evening so that those working during the day can participate.

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