Policies and Procedures

Study Abroad Policies and Procedures

University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) students are encouraged to incorporate intercultural and international aspects of education into their academic plans. The Center for International Education (CIE) assists students in identifying off-campus opportunities that will serve as an integral part of their academic program at UMES. Short-term programs are available during the fall or spring semester, or winter or summer sessions. Students should meet with their academic advisor for academic eligibility to study abroad. A CIE study abroad approval form to participate must be completed by students to initiate the study abroad process.

Criteria for Participation

  1. Students must complete the Center for International Education Study Abroad Approval Form and be approved to participate in a study abroad program by the CIE.
  2. Once a student has been approved s/he must meet with his/her academic advisor to discuss the study abroad program as part of his/her major. The student’s academic advisor will need to initiate the electronic application for Non-UMES Study by the published deadline. The Non-UMES Study form should have complete course descriptions and course equivalents (including credits) of the study abroad institution and UMES.
  3. The student’s academic advisor or department chairperson will review the course(s) the student plans to take and identify appropriate equivalent courses at UMES.  The completed form will be routed for approval from your academic advisor to your Department Chair, Dean, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  4. Once the student has received all approvals, the form will be routed to the Registrar’s Office for processing.
  5. At the end of the term, the student must provide an official transcript from the institution attended abroad to the Registrar’s Office.                                                                    

Financial Aid

A student’s enrollment in a study abroad program approved for credit by the University may be considered enrolled at the home institution for the purpose of applying for federal financial aid programs.

Students who plan to use financial aid to pay for their study abroad program, may check with the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) to see whether their financial aid may be used for study abroad as soon as they have made the decision to participate in a study abroad program. Students should have their cost of attendance form when meeting with Financial Aid office.

*Note: If your financial aid does not cover the full program fee, you will be expected to pay the difference by the appropriate deadline.

Students who are planning to finance all or part of their study abroad with financial aid, should be aware that:

  1. Students must satisfy all financial aid (federal and/or state) requirements before they can be awarded.
  2. Students must first be approved by the Center for International Education.
  3. Students “Application for Non-UMES Study” must be approved and processed by the Registrar’s Office in order to receive federal and state financial aid funding.
  4. Students receiving financial assistance while studying abroad will have their financial aid adjusted in accordance with the cost of the study abroad program and University policy.
  5. If eligible, student’s financial aid will not be disbursed until the first day of classes for their program.
  6. Students who choose to study abroad with a non-affiliate are ineligible to receive federal and/or state financial aid funding through UMES and are responsible for their own financial funding.


  1. Students will be billed by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore for the cost of the program plus the Off-Campus Study Fee.
  2. The student’s account in the Bursar/Comptroller’s Office must be current or receive special clearance prior to participating in an off-campus study program.
  3. Upon receipt of an invoice from the third party vendor, UMES will directly pay the program cost to the third party vendor. Any funds remaining after all program costs are satisfied will be sent to student (or parent if remaining funds are from Federal Parent PLUS Loan) in the form of a refund check.
  4. Students are subject to the cancellation policy of their program sponsor.
  5. Students who intend to use financial aid (federal or state) to pay for the overseas program must submit a guarantee of payment. This information must be received by the Comptroller’s Office by the specified deadline. Failure to abide by this policy will lead to withdrawal from the program.
  6. Students who choose to study abroad with a non-affiliate are responsible for their own financial funding process.

Forfeiture Statement

Students who cancel after the following dates forfeit the Off-Campus Study Fee:

  • August 1st for Fall programs
  • December 1st for January Term and Spring programs
  • May 1st for Summer programs


Students are strongly encouraged to plan at least 12 months in advance of going abroad. This time will enable the student, academic advisor, financial aid, and the Registrar’s office to ensure a seamless process to the successful application and admission to the student’s desired institution abroad.  Contact CIE at 410-651-8385 and OFSA 410-651-6172 anytime you have questions about applying and funding your study abroad program.

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