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Student Evaluations – Faculty access instructions

Signing On

In order to access HawkWeb you will need to log into the portal https://my.umes.edu/. Your username and password will be the same as your network and email account. Once logged in you will see an icon HawkWeb( Faculty Center) or HawkWeb (Main Menu)

Signing Out

When signing out of HawkWeb you should click the Sign out at the top right corner of the screen. Then click Log Out at the top right of the MyUMES Portal page

Retrieving Reports

In order to run a report in HawkWeb, You will need to know the navigation path.  Once on the page enter in the input criteria, Click Run, Click OK then once back , click Process Monitor, Click Refresh Once the run status = Success , Click details, Click View Log/Trace Under File List your report will be sitting there (.csv,txt,.xls) or on the file server.

If you are looking for a report previously run then you can go to the following path. You can enter the amount of days, hours or minutes from a drop down menu and click Refresh.

Navigation: PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Process Monitor

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