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Signing Up, On & Out

Go to to create your student account.  Make sure you have your UMES ID number that is on your acceptance letter or UMES photo ID. Follow the prompts and agreements, once you have completed the form it will display your username and password. After you log into the portal, you should personalize your password ASAP.  This will automatically change passwords for your UMES accounts. When signing out of HAWKWeb you should click the Sign out link at the top right corner of the screen.  Repeat the same step to sign out of the portal/MYUMES.

Enrollment Errors

There are a lot of inquiries during the week of registration about enrollment errors. Please note that you first have to literally click on the word Errors Found for the error message to be displayed. This will help in troubleshooting your situation whether it be a permission number that is needed or a schedule conflict has occurred. If a permission number is needed to resolve this issue, once you have selected the class, click on the subject name. A screen will automatically be displayed to enter the number. Click OK and then click Submit again.

Viewing Final Grades 

There is not a direct link to view final grades such as the link for viewing mid-term grades. Once the final grades have been posted by the Instructor and the Registrar’s Office they can be viewed by going to your semester’s class schedule and there is grade column with each corresponding class. This is where you will find the final grades posted.

No Current Term# Listed to Enroll Into Classes

If you do not have the current term listed in order to enroll into classes there are a few steps you must take. First, verify that you have met with your advisor, completed a schedule form and the Advisor has activated your registration through HAWKWeb. If that has been completed, have your advisor contact the Registrar’s Office because it is possible that you need to be term activated. An active career must be entered into the system (matriculation) by the Admissions Office before term activation can take place.

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