The T&E education program is housed in the Briggs and Thomas Arts and Technologies Center on campus. This building is named after Theodore Briggs and Richard Thomas, the two former chairs of the Industrial and Mechanic Arts Departments at UMES. The Arts and Tech Center is also home to the Construction Management and Engineering Technology programs. This allows T&E students to collaborate with students from other programs to enhance their content knowledge in design, construction, and engineering. The building offers construction, transportation, engineering, power and energy (electrical/electricity), CAD/3D modeling, communications, and manufacturing laboratories.

In the Spring of 2016 UMES opened its brand new, state of the art Engineering and Aviation Sciences Building. This $65 million, 163,350 square foot building includes a nano technology lab with a clean room, as well as learning spaces for the aviation science, mathematics, computer science, and telecommunications departments. This facility also features a TV broadcast and practice studios, a student radio station and editing rooms, and two Dean’s office suites. The Engineering and Aviation Sciences Building incorporates an architectural expression reflecting the traditions of UMES’s growing teaching, research, and doctoral mission. Students in the T&E education program will have opportunities to take courses in this facility and collaborate with students and faculty members housed in this building. It features plenty of places for students to study, research, and enjoy a meal!

The spaces described above provide ample opportunities and resources for students to take their designs and turn them into a reality. If you can design it, you can build it here! The labs in Thomas and Briggs, and the Engineering and Aviation Sciences Building help prepare our graduates to teach hands-on T&E lessons in educational settings.

This article describes the solar powered golf cart our students are learning about in their power, energy, and transportation labs.

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