Title III Conference Funds

Utilizing Faculty Professional Development to Improve Student Success

This Title III Activity has funds available to support faculty attendance and participation in off-campus conferences and workshops.  Only domestic conferences that provide education and training specifically related to teaching and learning will be considered.  For Fall 2022 and Spring 2023, faculty can request up to $1,800 for registration fees, pre-conference workshops, lodging, airfare or mileage, and meals. Memberships to an organization are not eligible for these funds.

Eligibility: UMES full-time faculty teaching undergraduate courses are eligible to apply for funding. Deans and adjuncts are unfortunately not eligible.

How to Apply:   Complete this application and submit along with the required documentation to Dr. Cynthia Cravens in the Center for Teaching Excellence. Incomplete applications will be returned, causing a delay in the approval process.

You will need to include the following documents with your application:

  1. Title III “Pre-Travel and Visa Prior Approval Request” form with your chair’s signature (or chair’s designee).
  2. UMES “Request for Leave” form signed by your chair (or designee).
  3. Document confirming conference name, dates, location, description (copy and paste from website)
  4. Document confirming program agenda (including sessions you will attend) and registration cost (screen shots or copy-and-paste from website)
  5. Document confirming hotel rates, flight rates (if applicable), mileage (if applicable), parking rates, etc. (screen shots or copy and paste from website)

The Title III Faculty Development Travel Fund will provide reimbursement to University Purchase cards only and only for approved expenses at the approved amounts.  

If traveling out of state, an electronic Travel Approval Request (TAR) must be submitted and approved prior to the intended dates of travel. Reimbursement for expenses exceeding the approved amount will not be authorized.

Applicants approved for this award are expected to abide by all university policies on travel, use of a university purchase card, use of a university vehicle, etc.

Complete application packets must be received in the Center for Teaching Excellence at least four weeks prior to your intended travel date.  Applications received fewer than four weeks prior to travel may not be considered. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Notification:  Once an approval decision has been made, applicants will be notified via e-mail along with the due date for the required reports.  A copy of the fully signed, approved application will be returned to the applicant.  Awardees are responsible for making their travel arrangements.

Reporting:  A Title III Travel Summary Report and a Post-Conference Report must be completed and submitted to Dr. Cynthia Cravens within five (5) business days from the date the program ends. This reporting deadline applies to summer conference travel as well.

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