Faculty Research Bios

Dr. S. Victor Hsia, Chair for Pharmaceutical Sciences and Professor 
Phone: (410) 651-8491 
Office:  3174 SPHP 
E-mail: vhsia@umes.edu 

Dr. Patrice L. Jackson-Ayotunde, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Phone: (410) 621-3044 
Office: 3122 SPHP
E-mail: pljackson@umes.edu 

Dr. Jiabing Fan, Assistant Professor
Phone: (410) 621-2077
Office: 3128 SPHP
E-mail: jfan@umes.edu

Dr. Jocelyn Reader, Assistant Professor
Phone: (410) 621-3130
Office: 3162 SPHP
E-mail: jreader@umes.edu

Dr. T. Sean Vasaitis,  Interim Dean for the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions 
Phone: (410) 651-7664
Office: 1119 SPHP
E-mail: tsvasaitis@umes.edu

Dr. Bi-Dar (Peter) Wang, Associate Professor 
Phone: (410) 621-2240
Office: 3154 SPHP
E-mail: bwang@umes.edu

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